About Kate: I believe great photography is as timeless and as unique as you are. It's part art and part photojournalism and I would describe my style as casual, thoughtful, warm, and elegant. 
I thrive on capturing real laughs and real love.


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I have created an online store and calendar so that you can easily book your upcoming photo session. I have limited availability for the remainder of 2016.

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I offer a unique & inspiring portraits for every occasion. The possibilities are limitless!  I’m so excited to offer photography for families and small businesses, but I also have experience and enthusiasm with birthday parties, toddler playdates, groups of graduating seniors (high school or college), newborn babies, launch parties, live music, workshops, headshots, events, conferences, interior design and architecture, art studio visits and product photography. 



The Blog Exchange Spring Tea Party

Last weekend I was invited to a Spring Tea Party with some new local blogger friends. And while I don’t really consider myself a blogger, they let me in anyway and were very kind. I had such a nice time meeting new, creative ladies, as well as seeing a few familiar faces from other meet-ups. The Spring Tea was to celebrate a new group, The Blog Exchange, a new group designed to foster the blogger community in the Bay Area. 

Jessica, from Hej Doll, hosted the tea party at her awesome house and Reichel, from Copy Cat Chic co-hosted. They’re well-established so the party sponsored- um, awesome!!! They reached out to the companies that they wanted to partner with. World Market (decor), Munchery (food), The Bouqs (flowers), Art of Tea (tea) all contributed to the festivities, but it was really Jessica and Reichel’s creativity that pulled it all together. 

On our way out we even got a sweet goodie bag filled with so many treasures!!! The sponsors were so generous!! WORLD MARKET gave us these adorable bud vases.We received Rose Hibiscus Hydrating Face Mist and Rose Lip Butter from HERBIVORE BOTANICALS. LOVE GOODLY gave us their Green Molecule magic potion. We received a ZADY gift card. VITALITY BOWLS gift card. POP ORGANIC CANDY  sent us home with a few lollipop flavors. THE ART OF TEA gave everyone sample tea tins. THE BOUQS gave everyone a coupon code to use when they order flowers. Yay! And you can enter to win one of the goodie bags over on Copy Cat Chic.

This is not a sponsored post :)



Outdoor Adventure Birthday Party

Our sweet 7 year old was excited about the idea of an "outdoor adventure party" with promises of an obstacle course and a scavenger hunt! It was so much fun! Last year's Star Wars party was cool, but I was glad we didn't have to do it again! Here are some photos from the party.

For the favors I made coloring books, my friend Vida made amazing feather clips, and then I bought some sweet little agate stones, and colored pencil sticks! This photo doesn't do the feather clips justice- they are gorgeous! Here's another photo of them on Instagram

Our Scavenger Hunt   1. acorn 2. pinecone 3. unusually shaped twig or stick 4. animal tracks 5. bug (dead or alive) 6. work together to find and compare leaves (look for different shapes and colors) 7. something fuzzy 8. feather 9. wild berry 10. something you think is a treasure

The kids had fun running all over our wild yard finding their treasures. 

The animal friends were inspired by some similar ones I found online. The company doesn't have a website anymore, but you can see a few for sale here. I drew some of my own animals and people and had the drawings printed on fabric from Spoonflower. Then I sewed up 20 sweet little friends. Our new house is pretty much in the country, so we have a lot of animals around! I wanted to use the animals that we see around our area... deer, jackrabbits, owls, and horses. I made a bunch of kids as well. I bought some fabric markers for the kids to color their own little friend and bring home. 

My son always wants a chocolate cake. I decorated it with trees, mushrooms, and animal friends. Plus 7 candles for singing and wishing! 


My brother and his fiancé made the obstacle course out on the back deck. It was a timed course. First the kids leaned down onto a baseball bat and had to spin around 3 times… then weave in and out of the orange cones… then run across the bench… then climb under the string and navigate through on hands and knees without touching the string… then climb out to the finish line! The kids had a great time! 

There was a necklace/bracelet set up with beads, embroidery string, and tassels that I made. 


Top 5 Music for March

I used to love to make mix-tapes and mix-cds. Playlists don't quite have that same feeling, but sharing music is sharing music. And I like to share music so here you go. Here are the 5 hits that have been keeping me company recently while I make dinner every night: Apple Music Playlist

or you can watch the videos individually: 

Mitski, “Your Best American Girl

LOLO, “Not Gonna Let You Walk Away” 

Ra Ra Riot, “Water

The Chainsmokers, “Roses

Sky Ferreira, “You’re Not the One” This video has 2 songs. “You’re Not the One” starts at 4:37 in case you want to skip hop ahead


Our Mid-Century Modern House

I’ve been hemming and hawing over whether or not to post photos of the new house. I had a few negative nelly’s that were kinda bringing me down about it. And these were people I thought were friends, not just your average web weirdos. (go Kate, 3 solid bits of alliteration in the first paragraph).

I’ve posted a few photo over on Instagram (first, unpacking kitchen, deer). I love Instagram and Pinterest and I barely read blogs anymore. I’m not even sure if anyone will read this. But I’ve decided that I want to post here. It’s my site and my space and it has been for so many years. I want to document this house that my husband and I just bought. Because it’s incredible and we’re so happy and lucky and thrilled to be here. We really walk around all the time with hearts in our eyes! We can’t believe our luck and I hope you can share in the joy as well. 

We will spend the next good long while remodeling. The house was built in 1961 and hasn’t been fiddled with since, with the exception of the kitchen, which was tastefully remodeled in 1974 (Thank you 1974 people for sticking with classic WHITE!!!) We hope to enlist the help of a designer who can merge our styles, and help pick out new flooring, walls, etc.; you know, “finishes.” We definitely want to keep the same feel of the house. It’s totally perfect and amazing, but the walls need to be insulated and we generally want to give it a bit of a face lift. (We need a new roof and new deck, but that’s not super exciting, so I’m putting it in parentheses).

Let me know if you have any resources to share- flooring? inspiration? mid-century interiors? awesome places to get vintage furniture that doesn’t cost my first-born son? THANKS!!! 


Newborn Photography

My babies aren't babies anymore and I need a baby fix! Since we aren't having more of our own, can I come cuddle and photograph your new baby?? I am available during the week in the Silicon Valley area. Here are some favorite tiny baby photos. 


Alternative to Holiday Cards

Since my husband and I started our family, I’ve been pretty good about sending out our holiday cards every December. I take the time to write a message on each card and my older son writes his name on each one. He also helps me with stamping and licking the envelopes. It’s so fun and so sweet and I love sending out cards. It’s not a burden or a time suck; I really love doing it. But here’s what I don’t love… after the holidays come and go, I’m an ass and rarely send out thank you cards. We have SO much to be thankful for and SO many wonderful people in our lives that I hang my head low whenever I think about not sending thank you cards. Then one day last month a super slick idea popped into my head- Kate! Send the freaking cards in January! It can be a Hope You Have a Happy New Year and/or Thanks for Being an Awesome card! I can send them thanks and postal service hugs and wish them well! Holy smokies, I think this is awesome.

So look for our card in January. While you're waiting patiently, you can reminisce over our card from December 2012, before our little guy became our big guy and I was 6 months pregnant. 

There are a few other interesting ideas I came across when I did a quick search of the www





Eichler: before & after photos

Before we go, I'd love to show a few before & after photos of the place.








My very capable husband and brother repairing water and fire damage (from 1969) in the master bathroom. I got out of much of that because I was 8 months pregnant. 


I couldn't find a "before" photo for the master. It had carpet. My husband spent his paternity leave installing the bamboo floors in our master bedroom. We also added insulation in the walls, smoothed out the textured walls, got rid of the trim at the top and used different baseboards. We redid the glass and closets. It's our favorite room in the house. 

The landscape renovation was long- 6 months for the construction. Much of that time we did NOT HAVE A FENCE. Living in a glass house with a brand new baby is not at all PRIVATE without a fence- hi workers! hi neighbors! where's the dog?!

While we're proud to have done all of the interior work ourselves (my husband, my brother, my husband's parents, and me), we were happy to outsource the exterior. Landscape Architect, Chris Jepson at Gamboni Landscape Architect, Contractor was All-Points Construction, and painting and some siding repair was done by Mike Moody Painting. We had a few panels of siding replaced by Scot Nicholls. 


We're Selling our Eichler

We weren't planning to move. We weren't looking to buy a new house. We'd only been looking for a small weekend cabin, but I'm completely addicted to Redfin and real estate so I always look at everything. I probably spend more time on Redfin than social media. 

So, I was just looking around on a Friday night (cuz I'm an old MOM now and don't go out on Friday nights), and I found an amazing house up in Los Altos Hills (about 20-30 minutes away). Mid-century modern and on an acre of land! It looked perfect so I showed it to Chris. It checked ALL the boxes for our future home, but we weren't sure we were ready for the next house! We haven't even finished our sweet and amazing Eichler. I was taking the boys to Georgia that next Sunday morning, and Saturday was booked solid. Chris went to the open house on Sunday while we were stuck in Las Vegas (not awesome). The house was a winner! He was in love and I was stuck in Vegas. Offers were due just a few days later. We did some hemming and hawing and decided to AT LEAST just give it try! We didn't think we'd be the highest bidder, so I wrote a letter and they picked us :) We were shocked, scared, excited, and all the other range of emotions. There was some back and forth and more hemming and hawing, but we decided to really & for reals just go for it. We had to put the Eichler up for sale to get some $$$ for the down payment. That was a hard decision! It wasn't done, we JUST built an awesome play structure, we LOVE the neighborhood and our friends in the community. Honestly, we were perfectly happy here. It went under contract in about a week. I hope the new owners love it & the community as much as we do. 

But the new house is stunning! I finally got to see it after returning from a 2 week trip to Athens. The property is perfect... gentle hillside with lots of trees, more space and room to grow, great light and windows, and more. We think it'll be a better investment, a better commute for Chris, better schools, and a better place for the boys to grow up. 

I've never posted "finished" photos of our Eichler because we never thought it was done. We're leaving some loose ends, but it'll give the new owners some fun projects. Here are a few photos that I took for the real estate agent. Who wants to take bets on how quickly they'll paint over the pink gate & door?!?!?


Rainbow Birthday Party

A Rainbows and Planes TRIPLE birthday party!!! Sara puts on the best triple birthday parties every year. Her husband, son, and daughter's birthdays all fall right around the same time so she does one big she-bang. Her daughter wanted rainbows and her son requested planes (and her husband just went with the flow!) Everything was so sweet and so well done! There were crafts... rainbow bead necklaces, construction paper rainbows, painting your own airplanes, and a RAD watercolor spray bottle FUN TIME out back! Sara and her business partner, Vida, have their own Party company called Tiny Celebrations, so they know PARTIES!! Here are a few photos from the very beautiful and colorful day!

Rainbows in the windows

She made rainbow cloud wands!

Rainbow party hats and dishes full of rainbow goodness for the necklace-making. 

Even Rainbow FOOD

Watercolors stuck to a white sheet. Just add water and you've got the funnest party idea EVER!

OH MY I loved these little construction paper rainbows

Play the Rainbow!

Veggies in every color


See the jelly beans?! They were arranged by color! Eat the red, pink, and orange first and you'll discover the yellow, greens, and blues below! Genius idea and execution by the birthday girl. 

Everything was ship-shape and styled to perfection!

Necklace beads

The sweetest little favor bags! 

Aren't I waiting so patiently?!

Happy Birthday!!

For real, y'all. This is serious. 


Let's do it again!